Akashic Record Readings by Rev. Jen Post~ An
Illuminating healing journey of your Eternal Souls Book of Life

.As a trance channel of the Archangels, Ascended Masters and Beings of light I would like to share with you what your personal Akashic Records reading will entail. But before that, allow me to give some insight to what these readings are and why they are so important and impactful.
The Akashic Records are a library of records where you can “go” etherically and connect to someone’s ‘soul record’ or “book of life” which contains information about all the soul’s lifetimes, origins and past.
Therefore, it is a great source of information if you want to find out more about your life purpose, past, and soul gifts.

The Akasha means “upper sky” or “space” and is a collection of concise, detailed information about your soul’s existence. It contains all human events, thoughts, word, emotion and intent ever to have occurred in the past present or future.

Our essence is divine. We embody the Source, representing the highest vibration of love and grace. We are all part of the Universal Consciousness and are never isolated or alone.

Earth is our school where we take human form and incarnate lifetime after lifetime. You are a spiritual being living a human existence. You learn lessons for soul advancement through life experiences to manifest the spiritual perfection we embody in the physical earth plane. It is through these experiences you continue your journey of spiritual growth and evolution to align yourself with your ultimate soul’s purpose - to be one with Source.

In search of the answers you seek I will shine a ray of light of wisdom, hope and explanation about the causes of what you have gone through, are going through, and will be.

Each soul and reading is unique so when I will access your soul’s information and bring forth the wisdom that comes from accessing those lifetimes, the insight into any karmic debts, blockages or patterns that are still manifesting in this life as a result of previous lifetimes as well as the origin of your soul. Many times these patterns come to surface so they can be healed.

Your reading can also reveal unfinished lessons that your soul has yet to learn. As we are truly all masters, there could also be triggers to remind your soul of lessons mastered in previous lifetimes that are waiting to be activated and brought forth through memory in this lifetime such as physic abilities.

With your reading you will become empowered you so you can create a change in your life, release self-limiting belief and transform the relationship with yourself and others.

Your records, like you, are always opening up and expanding. During the connection with your records your spirit guides, mentors and Archangels that are assisting you will step forward so I can share who they are, what they are helping with and any messages they have for you. With all this information your Akashic Records reading will create a powerful shift where you can lead a consciously soul led life where you are awake, aware and aligned with your soul’s purposes as you navigate through this human journey.

I will connect to your records over a period of three days which allows me to bring in vast areas of information for your current life, past lives and origin of your soul. I will channel all this information, write it down and share with you at the time of your appt where we will have time to discuss all matters. You will receive a copy of your reading via mail within a few days.

By appt only. Readings are done over the phone. To schedule your appt. please reach out to me here or at mindbodyandspirit3@aol.com.

Energy Exchange $144.oo~ which is part of an activation code, but we can discuss that during your appt.! Fun stuff!!!