Blue Star Tarot Card Readings

Blue star Tarot card reading’s allow you to turn your life experiences into wisdom. They assist with reflections, contemplations, problem analysis, brainstorming, decision clarification, stimulation of your intuition, self-understanding and spiritual guidance.
The reading relates to your lives both past and present and allows you to better understand yourself.
 This understanding is achieved through your questions at hand regarding your past, present and future life events.
Through these unique readings you obtain a fresh perspective on how certain situations relate to your everyday life. This reading will also open up your inner world and bring forth the messages from your spirit guide team and higher self that relate to your everyday concerns, hopes and wishes.
My abilities as a channel of Spirit, Archangels and the Higher Realms allow me to tap into a dimension of the Universe, providing an even more elusive reading.
 This allows me to go into the higher realms of pure wisdom and guidance to bring forth messages that are specifically for you. You will have a better understanding with your challenges, questions and life goals. If you would like to schedule a reading for yourself or purchase one for a soul friend, please reach out to me.
All of the modalities I utilize in my healing practice are designed to assist you along your earthly journey bringing insight and healing.
Readings are done over zoom so they can be recorded. Half hour ~$50, 1 Hour ~100