Shining Star Angel Card Reading Classes



Have you ever wanted to learn how to give Angel Card readings for yourself and others? 


Using Angel Oracle cards gives you amazingly accurate and comforting messages when you need it most.  We all have the ability to connect to the Angels and read the cards.  All we have to do is believe in ourselves and the ability to communicate with these light beings.


Angel card readings provide insight and clarity for navigating through this complicated world.  They are always gentle and life affirming in nature.  All of the messages will speak the truth in a positive light using joyful and peaceful energy.


Come join us in this 4 week class series in an atmosphere of positive energy and love as we learn about each of these Divine Angels during this Archangel Workshop.  I will introduce and acquaint you to each one of these beings, their characteristics and how they can help and guide you each and every day. 


This will be an interactive experience on all levels where you will learn how to connect and experience their unconditional love and support. These connections will help you to grow spiritually as you learn to connect with them on you own.


You will then learn the proper methods on how to conduct a reading for your self and for others.




  • You will learn about each Archangel, their characteristics and how to connect to each of them


  • You will learn how to cleanse your Angel Cards


  • You will learn everything you need to know on how to protect yourself psychically


  • You will learn how to give Angel Card readings and the different types of spreads from the simple to the complex


  • You will learn different strategies to improve your accuracy


  • You will have hands on practice giving and receiving a reading


  • At home practice with and angel “buddy”




  • Although there will be hands outs, I also recommend bringing a pen and note book to take additional notes.


  • If you already have a deck that you are drawn to please bring those, other wise I recommend either Doreen Virtues Angel Therapy Oracle Cards or Life Purpose Oracle Cards. 


  • While I do recommend purchasing both for the class, it is not a requirement.  Working with two decks can aid in giving a better well rounded read.  You can go on Amazon to order your Angel decks.

**If you are interested in taking this course please contact me so I  have your information when classes are forming.  Course prices and locations may vary**