Soul Purpose Reading

Learn why your Soul incarnated on earth at this time

We are all eternal souls which have chosen to incarnate on Earth using the shell of the physical body as a vehicle. Prior to this earthly incarnation, your soul chose these vibrations bringing forth certain manifestations: such as certain people, relationships and experiences in your life etc. Your unique Soul Plan includes: individualized life challenges, specific life lessons, talents, abilities, strengths, goals and your Souls Destiny. All have been mapped out and potentially decided upon. Even though there is an agreed upon plan in place, the soul exercises the gift of “Free Will” during the course of our human life and thereby determines how it manages our soul plans strengths and weaknesses, how our goals are accomplished, and how the lessons we had chosen are learned. All of these features are outlines in a Soul Plan Reading.


How the Soul Plan Reading Works

In order to really understand how such a reading can be determined, it is important to acknowledge that everything within our universe contains a certain vibratory rate, a frequency that is unique to its counterpart both on the conscious and sub-conscious levels. Accordingly, our name also contains a specific frequency, in that when spoken, emanates into the universe and attracts people and opportunities, enabling us to experience life in the broad way we had intended.


Your birth name constitutes your dominant vibration and remains as your major influence throughout your life.

The frequencies produced by your original name, then are placed around the Star of David in various positions. Each of these positions has a special significance and I will interpret your lessons, challenges, strengths and Souls Destiny during this lifetime.

Armed with this knowledge you will be able to transcend your challenges and connect to a fully abundant life. 

Soul Plan Reading~ $170 

*Readings are done over Zoom or phone and can be recorded for future reference.